All our trackers are professionally hard-wired into your vehicles and are completely out of sight

Professionally Installed GPS vehicle tracking systems. GTSsolutions – GPS Vehicle Tracking have a vehicle tracking fitting service available throughout London and the UK.
Do you need a car tracker with real-time vehicle tracking systems? Contact Global Telematic Solutions for a bespoke solution that can track every movement of your vehicle anytime. GTSsolutions – GPS Vehicle Tracking have a national installation service to fit trackers at your premises anywhere in the UK.  We provide our services across Brighton, Dorset, Hampshire,Surrey, Kent, West Sussex, East Sussex, Berkshire and the Greater London area, to name but a few.


Learn more about the tracking systems we provide:


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Specialised software and additional tools

 Don’t worry about installing specialised software or additional mapping services, all our systems are web portal operated. We will also give you a free App that allows your devices to connect and view your vehicles.


Google Maps integrated solutions
Global Telematic Solutions will give you tracking solutions that can integrate with Google Maps. You will be able to view live traffic on map or satellite view.
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Benefits and perks of choosing our car trackers
With our vehicle tracking systems, you can re-route deliveries, cut fuel and insurance costs, know the exact billable amount, access data through archived records, all allowing you to streamline your business. You can also make sure that your drivers are safe at all times.

Your self-generated reports will include

  • Time on-site
  • Idle Time
  • Time on-the-move
  • Average fuel consumption
  • Mileage data
  • Driver identification per vehicle
  • Carbon footprints
  • Driver behaviour analysis
  • Business and personal mileage
  • Group vehicle reporting
  • Email alerts
Geofencing, customisable locations that suit you, where your vehicles are when the ignition is switchedVan Img │ GPS Vehicle Tracking London │ GTS Vehicle Tracking off, Temperature sensing information, when doors are open etc. Please call us as we will work a system around your own requirements.
You can also customise this system according to locations that suit you and link it to your own database. The system archives all information that can be brought up at any time going back as long as you have had the system. Your databases can be linked to the tracking system and provide live up to date information on your existing office set up.

Other services we provide

GTSsolutions – GPS Vehicle Tracking also provide a free app for our web based tracking system that is available on all mobile devices.

We provide tracking solutions with cutting-edge tracking system technology. We will also provide installation in conjunction with a vehicle tracking system. Take a look at our prices or give us a call if you have any queries about our service.
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