State-of-the-art Dash cams covering London and the South of England

Advanced technology has paved the way for safer and more secure driving. If you install cameras inside your vehicle, they will help you in judging an accident situation more easily instead of using assumptions. What’s more, they are also cost-effective!

Fleet vehicles also have an advantage with cameras and the type of protection they provide, due to an average high mileage. Many insurance companies are currently supporting the use of in-car cameras or dash cams, as it will help gather evidence and settling claims quickly and effectively.


Benefits of in-car cameras / dash cams from Global Telematic Solutions

In-vehicle cameras come with their own perks! Firstly, they  eliminate fraudulent insurance claims with video footage and GPS evidence of any collision. They also reduce the time taken to settle these claims. This footage can be transferred and played easily on any smart device,  PC or Mac.

The use of these cameras will improve behaviour of drivers and cut fuel costs. Our advanced cameras include a combination live tracking and video streaming

Silent Witness SW010c

Live streaming camera
with built in live tracking


Our most advanced camera system

With a combination of simultaneous tracking and filming, this new cameras advanced technology will give a very effective fleet management solution. As well as providing live location details, there is also live footage that can be monitored at HQ be it at home or in the office. Additional cameras can be added to film internally as well as externally.

Live Streaming
Automatic Event Upload
Vehicle Tracking
SD Card Data Retrieval
Driving Analysis
Voice Call Function
Remote Configuration
Panic button
Park security

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MI Witness HD
Dash Cam


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