vehicle tracking
Take a look at our GPS tracking prices. You can buy or rent them!
Listed below are our 3 live tracking packages, these start from £175 plus VAT, which includes our engineers coming to you to professional install and set you up. Our award winning systems are robust and easy to use.



All InfoPoint features plus
• 2 minute updates
• Online time sheets
• Emailed time sheets
• Vehicle route reports
• Google Maps
• Auto tracker
• Street view and traffic
• Excel reports


All InfoPoint features plus
• 1 minute updates
• Driving style reports
• Speeding/idling
• Geo-fencing
• Auto tracker
• Alerts by email and text message


• InfoPoint and InfoPlus features
• Fleet utilisation and capacity reports
• Management KPI ‘dashboards’
• Export to satellite navigation and ERP systems

General terms and conditions at Global Telematic Solutions in Poole

Prices and payment: All rental and communication charges per vehicle per month must be paid quarterly in advance by direct debit. All prices are subject to VAT and can change according to the company’s discretion. Standard terms of sale are applicable.
Warranty: On-site warranty is provided for repair and/or replacement on all products and services throughout the rental term or for 12 months in case of purchase.
Terms applicable to rental contracts: Please note that the system is your responsibility until you return it to us at the termination of your contract. You can remove or disconnect the system from your vehicle as you please or get this service from us at an additional cost of £97 for a single vehicle, £89 for 2-4 vehicles and £69 for 5-10 vehicles (These prices are subject to VAT charges). In case the system is damaged beyond repair or if it is lost, you will be charged an additional price of £175+VAT at the time of returning the system.
Re-installation charges: Removal and re-installation of each car tracking system at the time of vehicle replacement is £97+VAT, provided both the vehicles are available at the same time.
Other services we provide and areas we function in
Our doors are open to customers across the South of England. We give you a professional, first class service at a competitive price.
Other services we provide include advanced tracking systems, hassle-free tracking solutions and in-car cameras. We pride ourselves in working with all the major suppliers such as Quartix, TomTom and Metatrak to customise your company’s fleet tracking needs.  We provide our services across Brighton, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, West Sussex, East Sussex, Berkshire and the Greater London area.


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